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17 Good Reasons Why All QSs Should Join the QSi

1. We represent QSs who work in all sectors of the construction, engineering and ship building industries

2. We are the only professional organisation who devotes all its time and energy for the benefit of the QS

3. We support and protect the interests of the QS

4. We work to improve the status of the QS

5. We publicise the role of the QS

6. We publicise the role of the QS

7. We disseminate information as to the type of work which can be undertaken by the QS

8. We provide specifically tailored CPD training for our members in the form of workshops and formal lectures

9. We provide online CPD training specifically tailored for our members

10. We advise universities and other establishments of learning as to the relevant content of QS courses

11. We disseminate to members information of a technical and contractual nature which relates to the work of the QS

12. We promote long life learning for the QS

13. We publicise the benefits of employing QSs

14. We promote the traditional and modern skills of the QS

15. We promote good practise which leads to value for money

16. We petition for legislation which will be of benefit to the QS

17. The subscription rates represent excellent value for money