What is Quantity Surveyors International (QSi)?

The QSi is the professional body for those specialising in the financial aspects of construction and engineering.

The QSi is a non-profit-making organisation.

The Objectives of QSi

The objectives for which the QSi are:

1. To support and protect the character, status and interests of the profession of Quantity Surveying.

2. To promote good practice and high standards from its members.

3. To consider all questions affecting the interests of the profession and to petition Parliament to promote legislation affecting Quantity Surveyors or their profession.

4. To disseminate to members information of a technical and contractual nature which relates to their work.

5. To publicise throughout the construction industry the benefits which can be derived from the employment of Quantity Surveyors.

6. To promote the employment of Quantity Surveying skills in helping to make the construction industry more efficient.

7. The provision of recruitment, training and lifelong learning facilities.